The Gild

The Gild is a classic six-panel, baseball-style cap in mustard with raised embroidery detail in light yellow. All March Caps feature top eyelets and an adjustable snap-back closure. Each cap comes with a hand-numbered card signed by the designer.


"Wearing a cap instantly creates a conversation about your passions and your style."

โ€“ Barclay Douglas, Designer


Story Behind The Gild

The Gild is a nod to the town where I grew up, Newport, Rhode Island. It's famous for its Gilded Age "cottages," which once belonged to American magnates like the Vanderbilts and the Astors. Of course as a kid, I didn't care so much for the history and the tourists it brought, but it's a unique bit of culture that will always stay with, and influence me. 


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Made in the USA.

The Gild